Well, That Could Have Gone Better….

Aeritae Solutions Consultant, Marie Erickson, talks through three ways in which a recent customer service experience left her thinking, ‘There must be a better way…’

I admit, I am guilty of often trying to think of better ways to do things – it’s just part of who I am – annoyance to some but, hey, that’s me. This particular experience stood out and I wanted to share it, along with my thoughts around how the experience could have gone differently. Dare I say, how the experience could have gone better?!

I recently purchased concert tickets by phone for myself and a group of friends. I bought all of our tickets, so there was a considerable hit to the old credit card! Mind you, I’m a patient person, but a few months went by and the concert date was quickly approaching…but no tickets. I thought it was strange and I started to stress out (again: I’m me!), so I decided to contact customer service to find my tickets.

  • Email exchange #1: They couldn’t find my information. They charged me a lot of money and had no record of me or my purchase. I thought, Great, I’m out a lot of money (not to mention I’m now officially a terrible friend)! I informed my friends of the snafu, and they let me know I was referring to the wrong event date. Ok, my fault. So, I decided to send a second email to customer service.
  • Email exchange #2: They found my order! Alright, we’re back in business. The customer service representative replied, and it turned out they were unable to send the tickets because my address was not saved. Alright, I can fix that. I sent them my address, and tickets were on their way. Whew!

My problem was solved eventually, and I was ultimately left satisfied. But, hey, because I’m me (there is a theme emerging…), I couldn’t help but think about the ways they could make everyone’s experience better. It boiled down to three things: improving quality, being proactive, and going above and beyond for your customers.

1.) Quality

There was an issue with my address, which had been provided by phone. Had there been some quality checks embedded in the initial transaction, the entire issue could have been prevented by immediately providing me with feedback and requesting my address again. Table stakes: Build required quality checks into your process and/or systems.

2.) Proactive Action

Because they didn’t have my address, my tickets weren’t sent. The company still had my email address and phone number, but I was not contacted to correct the issue. The issue was only addressed when I reached out to them. Manage your customer’s experience: If you have the ability as a company, make the first move and address a problem before your customers articulate it. It builds trust, confidence, and a feeling of care for your customers.

3.) Go Above and Beyond For Your Customers

When I first contacted customer service, they couldn’t find any information on me because I had made a small mistake reporting the date of my event. All my information was somewhere in the system under the correct date, but I needed to provide the data as captured in the system for information about me and my account to be located. Your customers will make mistakes. Anticipate that and go the extra mile in how you can serve them. Your flexibility to finding that solution will be a game changer.

We all play the role of customer every day – ask yourself: What do YOU want from your experiences? Do that! I promise you’ll develop incredible connections that not only build your company’s brand but transform your customer’s day. Learn more about how to improve your customer experience to awesome levels, leaving everyone – your agents and your customers – rocking out!

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Marie Erickson

Solutions Consultant, AERITAE