What is Service Innovation?

Service Innovation is about looking beyond how we do things today and into the future of what’s possible. It’s about understanding that in our everything-as-a-service world, we will need to go above and beyond current solutions to create experiences that not only meet customer needs, but surprise and delight them.

As a Service Innovation company, Aeritae helps clients identify and realize those opportunities.

Our Approach: The Aeritae Way

The Aeritae Way is an approach to modern day work that we believe delivers exponentially greater value and business impact.

Each aspect of the work we deliver provides best-in-class value in and of itself. Add another aspect, take the next step on your journey, and the output increases dramatically.

This drive to holistic thinking is baked into Aeritae’s DNA, and is what allows us to serve as true strategic partners to our clients while also delivering solutions that outpace, outperform and outlast the competitions’.

The Exponential Value of Integrated Capabilities

Aeritae specializes in capabilites built on a core foundation of IT Service Management: Enterprise Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Business Management, Asset Management, Security, Customer Service Managment, Intelligent Apps. Just as with our delivery approach, each capability strengthens the next, providing exponentially greater value and business impact.


We listen first, solution second. We start by striving to understand your strategic business objectives and then develop a high-level roadmap of initiatives that directly support those objectives, keeping everyone focused on the same destination.


Initiatives break down into detailed work plans with corresponding estimates to keep things moving forward, provide a high degree of transparency and show iterative value as milestones are achieved along the way.


We apply sustainable design practices to both process and products.


In assessing and designing improved process, we apply Lean principles and leverage Value Stream Mapping to both create new and map exisiting business process see huge gains in efficiency and accuracy as well as signifigant reduction of cost.


Our automation and orchestration products are designed for the people who will actually use them. The result: an end product that’s both technically sound and truly intutive.


Most development shops employ agile delivery, most consulting firms do not.


At Aeritae, agile, iterative delivery to business impact means that we provide tangible results and show value every step of the way.


Our approach ties Agile cyclical development to a high-level roadmap of strategic objectives, so you’re able to see how the end result keeps improving outcomes over time.


Our curated playbook, grounded in over 200 engagements designing, developing and supporting truly engaging ServiceNow experiences.

“To accomplish great things we must dream as well as act.”

– Anatole France

Are you a Service Innovation leader?

Your title or job description won’t tell you. The choice to lead in Service Innovation is about embracing the new opportunities and challenges posed by the digital future. It’s about starting where you are, seeing the opportunity to do something better, use something in a different way, and extend the knowledge and tools you already have to create a bold new solution.

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Our Experience

Aeritae has worked with over 80% of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the Midwest, spanning all industry verticals.

A leading ServiceNow partner since 2010, we have completed more than 1500 Service Management projects for over 100 clients, with over 60% of those leveraging ServiceNow.


Together, Aeritae and ServiceNow amplify and accelerate better business outcomes.

Aeritae’s strategy and process expertise ensures up-front that your solution will truly work. Through agile development practices, we move that improved process into ServiceNow, the best-in-class automation and orchestration engine. We bake a degree of training and OCM into every engagement so those solutions are actually utilized by your organization.

The result? Optimized, sustainable solutions that deliver immediate value and long-term impact.