Social Listening: The Power & Payback of Hearing Your Customers

Everyday your customers are talking about their experiences with your brand. But guess what? They’re typically not having that conversation on your website or social account; they’re talking about it on their own social media channels. If that’s where people are talking, shouldn’t you be listening?

What Is It? A Chance to Be Where the Conversations Are Happening.

Social listening is the act of paying attention to conversations across social media platforms so that you can monitor what’s being said and curate your customer’s experience with your brand. This is an opportunity to listen to your customers directly and participate in the conversation. What are they saying about you? Your competitors? Their experience with you? Are you seeing trends? And how can knowing what your customers are saying help you win life-long loyalty?

Why You Should Care? Because Your Customer Does.

Referrals and recommendations are rampant in today’s uber-connected social media-driven ecosystems, which means these interactions can truly build or break your brand. There is an unspoken expectation that once somebody has made a comment about your brand, there will be a response. Your customer assumes that you are listening, so if you say nothing, they conclude that ignoring them is a choice. And nobody likes to be ignored.

What Are the Paybacks? The Magic of Social Listening.

Social listening serves a dual purpose: it makes sure you can recover from things that have gone wrong, while also enabling happy customers to build the brand for long-term devotion. So, whether your customer tweets — “I just had the worst pizza of my life,” or “I just had the best pizza of my life.”— you have the opportunity to react by empowering service agents to make it right or celebrate the win.

This is how you can bridge the gap between social listening and service recovery to make a high-level impact on the customer satisfaction score.

Take-Away: Don’t Ignore Your Customers or their Conversations.

Learn how to tune in using social listening. Never miss an opportunity to authentically connect with your customers and either share or ensure their delight.

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