ServiceNow + Aeritae: Why Strategy Wins Over Size in the Future of Work

Is ServiceNow Big Enough to be a “Strategic Partner”?

In a Forbes article earlier this year, former SAP & Oracle CCO Bob Evans assessed John Donahoe’s claim that “ServiceNow has pushed its way into a tiny group of cloud-software vendors that customers feel are truly strategic partners.” The verdict?

If you were to evaluate ServiceNow exclusively by its numbers, you would probably say something like, “Gotta admire their hypergrowth, but with only $1.93 billion in calendar-2017 revenue, they’re just not big enough to be strategic.
Here’s why that argument is wrong: if ServiceNow had reached the $2-billion mark as a one-product company that was growing rapidly but was the #2 or #3 player behind a much-larger competitor in an established, then I’d agree that it’s not strategic.
But in fact, the ServiceNow story is the exact opposite: it has a fairly broad product lineup (ITSM, Customer Service, Security, Analytics) with each of those segments beating their goals for 2017, and it has in fact created an entirely new SaaS category broadly defined around “workflow”….
ServiceNow has earned the “strategic” mantle by virtue of the unique capabilities of its applications, which—unlike most SaaS apps—are designed to run horizontally across corporate departments, functions, processes and applications.
Driving home the fact that “Strategic” isn’t about size–it’s about intentionality and the scope of your perspective and business impact.

Aeritae takes the same cross-functional approach with the aim of enabling digital transformation and driving definitive customer success across the enterprise. And it’s what enables us to serve as true strategic advisors to our clients and bring large organizational modernization efforts across the finish line.

Aeritae: Your Go-To Strategic, Non-GSI Partner

Just like ServiceNow, we are not the biggest player in the ecosystem—but (just like ServiceNow) we are also hitting above our weight class, and we credit that in part to a strategic approach that is the foundation for everything we do. We take a strong business needs approach to solutioning on the platform–striving to first understand the business challenge and then identify the right solution. We are truly seen as a trusted advisor with our clients.

“Aeritae’s consultative approach has helped us drive to process excellence and outcomes that serve our customers. We appreciate that they don’t just blindly implement existing process.”     – ServiceNow Platform Owner and Aeritae Client
In fact, it’s the first of three key ways we differentiate ourselves with our clients:

Strategic wisdom, combined with an iterative delivery approach and a focus on helping clients realize the greatest possible return on their ServiceNow investment, is what equips us to deliver solutions that out-pace, out-last and out-perform the competition’s every time.


Additionally, we are a strategic choice for ServiceNow partnership. Unlike GSI partners, we are fully focused on and aligned to ServiceNow as our exclusive technology partner. We don’t take clients down a rabbit hole of other technology options. Instead, we partner in a way that allows clients to stay in control of their solution and drive additional value from their ServiceNow investment. Even our alternative to a managed service solution provides full transparency and is built to help the client scale.

Reach out to learn more about how we’re working alongside our ServiceNow partners to drive big wins for our shared clients or to discuss targeted partnership opportunities.

Michael Finlon

CEO & Visionary, AERITAE