Security Operations Integration Gotcha’s

Aeritae Senior Consultant and ServiceNow expert, Phil Holmer shares some gotcha’s he’s learned over the years around Security Operations Integrations.

Security tools are really complex and where it is technically possible to sign a Purchase Order, turn on the integration, and celebrate a Go-Live, I have yet to see this work. This is the text book definition of “Failing to plan, is planning to fail”.

It all boils down to ensuring that all parties involved have an open line of communication. This risk mitigation technique will go very far in ensuring you end up with an appropriately functioning product. Historically it does not mean that everything you want is provided in the first go around. Instead, it ensures your implementation scale fits well within both products.

Instead of waiting until an integration has a flaw, a part of the pre-sale process does not work as expected or a white paper doesn’t deliver, take the following communication “gotchas” into consideration. It may be a differentiator in a successful Go-Live versus a Fire Drill.

Get Buy-In From:

The people running the processes and their management

Get Support From:

The tool supporters (internal or vendor), ServiceNow and the integration partner, and internal product owners

Get Sign-Off From:

Compliance and the like

Ultimately, if you have a boat, it doesn’t make sense to sail it while you are repairing a hole in the bow. A big piece here is to ensure that your maturity roadmap has some level of alignment with the ServiceNow and integrations roadmap. No need to build things that are coming out in a future path. An ounce of prevention here is worth hundreds of hours of rework.

Phil Holmer

Senior Consultant, AERITAE