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Recommended Reading: CCW Podcast

Aeritae CSM practice leader, Andrea Pohlman, recently attended Contact Center Week, where she was joined by Lori Jarchow of Ecolab for an interview with CCW Digital’s Brian Cantor.

Check out a few highlights from Andrea below and listen to the full 10-minute podcast here!

Brian Cantor Coming to you live from CCW Digital, Day One of our main conference here at the 19th Customer Contact week is almost over! Now you’ve had a full day here at the main conference. You’ve heard a lot of stories; you’ve seen a lot of  great sessions, maybe some not great sessions. What do you think the main theme is right now? What’s the big takeaway people are trying to get out of CCW?

Andrea Pohlman Clearly to me, it’s customer experience and the idea of being proactive and getting ahead of customer issues and how you do that–especially during digital transformations. That’s a big part of what I’ve seen here.

Brian Customers are going to value different things and…the reality is you just can never assume that the idea of a detailed conversation or the idea of a more transactional one is the right answer. You gotta go out, you have to understand it. But how do you get that understanding, you know, how do you make sure that you’re thinking from the outside in, as opposed to just thinking about what a customer might want?

Andrea What I would say is that you need to put yourself in the customer’s place. We’ve all been customers, and you’re right, I don’t want to have a 20-minute-long dialogue with somebody I don’t know, because my time with my friends and my family is so short.

So how do I translate my experience into an experience that will resonate with my customers and starts to get to meeting the customer where they’re at? Meaning, do they want a phone call? Do they want to chat? Do they want self service to solve their own issues? To me, offering those options and opportunities to your customer really gives them the opportunity to choose what kind of connection they want to have with you.

Brian So, meeting them where they’re at with what they want, really based on understanding the why behind the interaction…. It’s what I’ve been pitching right now as the “Omni-Channel Moment,” it’s not just about connecting all your channels. It’s not just about seeing across all your channels. It’s about having the right message in the right environment at the right time. Always.

Now, you of course are helping organizations lead that change–so, Andrea, what is your perspective on driving that education driving that conditioning to make change happen?

Andrea I think it’s about classic Organizational Change Management. I like to talk about the rule of thirds. You’ve got a group of people that are running ahead saying, we should have done this 10 years ago! You’ve got a group in the middle that are saying, prove it to me and I might go there. And then you’ve got a group of people that are like, we’re not going to change. Do whatever you want. You’re not incenting me differently. I’ve seen this before.

And I think one of the key success factors that I’ve had is making those people that say, “Yeah, no, I’m not gonna do anything., the ones responsible for the success of the change. To me, that’s extremely compelling. Just watch the shift. Because if you’ve got those people who never changes. And then she’s in front of the organization, showing how it works–then the dominoes fall right into place.

Brian So the idea is to not just hold your organization accountable for results–but hold them accountable for the impact of the change. And when you that, suddenly it all falls into place. Obviously there’s still nurturing and conditioning–but you lose that resistance because now being safe is not an option. Avoiding risk is not an option. Doing it the old way is not an option. Finding a better way is the only option. And having the resistors be at the very forefront of making those changes, not only brings that person along but is a showcase for everybody else in the organization.

Andrea Exactly.

Catch the full podcast here!