Recommended Reading: 10 Time-Consuming Tasks Security People Hate


Every once in a while you run into an article that stands the test of time. Despite the rapid advance of technology, individual organizations are often slow to change. This article shares 10 Time-Consuming Tasks Security People Hate, which are likely still happening to most of us.

Highlights from the list include:

  1. For the CISO: Risk reporting and documentation
  2. For the SOC Analyst: Manual correlation
  3. For the Incident Responder: Dealing with false positives
  4. For the Penetration Tester: Cracking passwords
  5. For the Security Engineer: Backup validation
  6. For the Security Administrator: Patching software
  7. For the Security Researcher: Maintaining server infrastructure (on your test bench)
  8. For the App Developer: Threat modeling and setting requirements
  9. For the Network Forensics Analyst: Querying traffic data
  10. For pretty much EVERYONE:  Being audited

And I would add #11 for the Vulnerability Admin: Getting the organization to patch their systems (it’s got elements of #2, #3, #6, and #7 above all wrapped up into it, so it’s sort of an Uber-task)!

What task do you think needs to be added to this list?  Let us know!

Read the full article here:

Greg Handrick

Security Capability Leader, AERITAE