Text 311: A City at Your Service

How Aeritae is helping a major metropolitan city leverage ServiceNow as a platform for civic engagement


The Challenge

The initial need was a better way for the hearing and speech impaired community to access the City’s extensive 311 services. Once a texting solution was identified, it was determined that this functionality could be extended to any text user, a high-demand offering with millennial and senior populations. A few of the project challenges included:

  • Variety of devices: iPhone vs. Android vs. Google vs. burners
  • Format of texts: one long text vs. multiple texts
  • Variety of service carriers
  • Diversity of population languages: Designed for 12 languages with 25 dialects

The Approach

Aeritae worked with the client to capture requirements, then architected, developed and implemented an innovative solution in ServiceNow, building on the city’s cornerstone use of the platform. Customer Service Management was used to provide robust service management and data sharing across departments and functions on the back-end—and an intuitive public interface for direct civic engagement.

The Outcome

The public can text a variety of intuitive keywords to #311 and receive a response within 3 seconds!

This greatly increases constituent engagement and satisfaction by offering service via the citizen’s communication channel of choice, translating to City savings by reducing the volume of high-touch responses.

A shared Knowledge Base makes it possible for constituents to find the answers they need through the method they prefer, translating to pennies vs. dollars of tax payer money per interaction.

The majority of citizen service requests touch multiple departments; a single cloud-based platform enables the “team sport” of responding to citizen needs, resulting in faster, more intelligent service.

The ability to analyze public engagement patterns creates the opportunity to identify issues with potential impact for the greater population, and develop and promote proactive service provider solutions.


Constituents served


Seconds of Response time