Telecomm Provider Identifies Savings of $1M+ through Process Improvement and Automation with Aeritae and ServiceNow

Aeritae identifies large gains through restructuring and automation of key processes


The Challenge

A large state telecommunications provider was undergoing a major digital transformation and simultaneously shifting to a more customer-centric model. Complex systems, manual data entry, and inaccurate data collection were contributing to frequent service delivery delays and reduced profit margin.

An initial proof of concept looked at one common service that was taking over 15 weeks of lead time to fulfill with only a 45% accuracy rate. This was largely due to manual and inefficient workflow which included more than 50 manual entry points, 15 hand-offs and touched 14 different systems of record.

The Approach

Aeritae was engaged as a business transformation partner to help map, streamline and integrate process and then automate on the ServiceNow platform.

Utilizing value stream mapping, and other Lean tools, the Aeritae team conducted a detailed analysis of work data in the process, focusing on value-added steps, and discussed current customer demand, lead time expectations, and future forecasts for internal and external customers.

Overall, 74 waste items were identified. After these were eliminated, the focus shifted to determine where technology, mainly automation in ServiceNow, could be leveraged to see even greater gains.

The Outcome

The client now has a newly identified process  that contains only value-adding steps and ensures the collection of accurate data. Implementing the transformation will result in 90% reduction in lead time and a 57% reduction in manual entry time as well as a 50% reduction in process steps, resulting overall in a saving of over $1 million over the course of the first year after implementation.


In Annual Savings


Reduction in Manual Entry Points


Systems and Forms Eliminated

"The Aeritae LEAN process improvement team took us from getting it right the first time from the customer perspective 45% of the time to 99% of the time."