Service Discovery and Mapping: Iterating to Business Value

Through an Aeritae Edge Subscription, Aeritae delivers quick impact to service visibility and business value


The Challenge

As a business enabler, the IT Operations team for a global financial services provider, needed to ensure that IT systems and services were functioning at peak levels to support the accurate and timely delivery of services. When a critical IT system became degraded or unavailable, IT needed to assess, diagnose and resolve the issue as quickly as possible to minimize customer and business impact.

Additionally, like every IT Operations team, the client needed to reduce both the number of incidents and their mean time to resolution, especially for business-critical systems and those that may have impacted the customer’s experience. The underlying need being for improved data quality and integrity—enabling visibility into who and what was impacted, correlated to business services, so resources could be managed to achieve faster incident resolution and ensure customer needs were met.

The Approach

The client turned to ServiceNow and Aeritae, to optimize how they manage and respond to events, alerts and incidents. In just under 5 months, the team was able to stand up an out-of-box Jakarta instance, populated a CMDB with Discovery, integrated monitoring solutions into Event Management, and mapped approximately 48 services with Service Mapping.

The Outcome

Event correlation and service mapping are creating opportunities for IT to preempt events from becoming incidents. Major incident response and resolution times are being reduced because the full scope and impact of each incident is understood from the very beginning and the necessary technical resources are being alerted automatically.


Business Services Mapped


Reduction in Major Incidents


Confidence in CMDB data

"ITOM is a journey, but you can achieve tangible value in less than 6 months. If you approach Discovery and Service Mapping in a structured way and identify hurdles up front, you can start to drive iterative value out of the solution very quickly."