Integrating to Secure a Healthy Program

How a Destination Medical Center is Leveraging Rapid7 and ServiceNow to Power their Vulnerability Program


The Challenge

A world-wide leader in medical care was dealing with overwhelming volumes of data for vulnerability owners to consume and address.

Manual assignment, review, and remediation efforts, as well as manual reporting, were not providing the speed or transparency needed to manage vulnerabilities at the scale and to the level of security that was needed.

The Approach

Integration of Rapid7 Nexpose with ServiceNow Vulnerability Response opened the door for automated reporting and remediation. Additionally, Aeritae helped the team leverage exisiting ITIL processes, ITSM efforts, and a foundational CMDB to start mapping vulnerabilities appropriately. Strategic, targeted reporting was also critical to efficiently process their huge volume of data.

The Outcome

By partnering  partnership with Aeritae, ServiceNow, and Rapid7, the client was able to greatly improve the eciency of their vulnerability management program with more accurate asset attribution, automated vulnerability assignments, and streamlined vulnerability workflows. Targeted reporting communicated key take-aways to leadership.


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