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Build a Trusted CMDB • Strengthen Your ITSM Program • Upgrade with Ease

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Aeritae Platform Foundation Services

Build a solid, future-proof service management program backed by a dependable, trusted CMDB foundation.

Configuration Management

Improve the integrity of your CMDB to unlock the potential of your ServiceNow platform to drive greater value in IT Operations, Security, IT Business Management and more.

CMDB Assessment & Strategy

Understand where you are today—and how you can create and maintain a complete, current, and correct CMDB in ServiceNow to drive increased visibility, transparency, accountability, and efficiencies.

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CMDB + Discovery

Add Discovery to populate your CMDB with reliable data and gain more visibility into your infrastructure–opening the door for faster incident resolution and better management of your business services.

CMDB + Discovery Assessment

If you’re already using Discovery to populate your CMDB, we can layer an assessment of your current Discovery configuration and practices into a CMDB assessment to ensure the ongoing health of your CMDB.

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CMDB + Discovery Readiness Assessment

If you’re not using Discovery, but are interested in the value it could add to your current CMDB, let us help you get more visibility into what it would take and how you can get there.

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ITSM Services

Strengthen your ITSM program and optimize the core functionality of ServiceNow to transform the impact, speed, and delivery of IT services.

Automate routine tasks and increase productivity. Rapidly consolidate existing tools to a single system of action in the cloud. Provide consistent, good customer service experiences. Gain visibility into processes and services with real-time, actionable information to improve service quality.

We help clients with:
Self-Service Offerings, Service Catalogs & Portals, Mobile Capabilities, Incident, Problem & Change Mgmt, Knowledge, Process Improvement, Organizational Change Management

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