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ServiceNow Engineering & Platform Solutions Leader Joins Aeritae

Service Innovation Thought Leader Chris Richter Joins Aeritae Consulting as Senior Director of ServiceNow Engineering and Platform Solutions

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (October 27, 2017) — Aeritae Consulting announced today that service innovation leader Chris Richter will join as Senior Director of ServiceNow Engineering and Platform Solutions to lead and grow Aeritae’s ServiceNow practice, continuing to strengthen Aeritae’s core platform-related offerings.

“Joining Aeritae allows me to exercise my passion for application development and service management process design, while supporting Aeritae clients in their ServiceNow journey,” said Richter. “I am looking forward to helping our clients, both IT and business teams, maximize their return on the ServiceNow platform.”

With more than 25 years of software application development experience, a strong understanding of IT service management process design and operational maturity, and experience working closely with ServiceNow since 2010, Richter brings a balanced approach to ServiceNow development that aligns well with Aeritae’s trademark style.

Most recently, Richter spent over four years at a prominent national ServiceNow partner, managing a national team of senior consultants focused on sales support, solution definition and estimation.

“We feel very lucky to have Chris with us as a senior leader in the organization,” said Allen Debes, Aeritae EVP of Delivery and Business Operations. “He brings a long and successful track record both as an application development technologist and technical team leader in various capacities at strong companies. I know that Chris will accelerate service innovation for our clients and enable our outstanding consultants to do even more great work for our clients.”

Aeritae Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Finlon also spoke to the impact of Richter joining the team. “I am thrilled to welcome Chris to Aeritae. Over the past several years, I have intentionally built the strongest Service Innovation team in the country, recruiting the best of the best in the ServiceNow, process design, performance and business architecture realms. Chris is a brilliant leader, and I have known he belonged on the Aeritae team for quite some time.”

About Aeritae Consulting: Aeritae is a service innovation company. We help clients keep moving forward by maximizing performance, improving operations, and developing innovative new service solutions—leveraging the ServiceNow ecosystem to accelerate and sustain those gains. For more information, visit:



ServiceNow Platform Strategy Leader Joins Aeritae Consulting

Leading Twin Cities ServiceNow Thought Leader, Stacey Fournier-Thibodaux, Joins Aeritae Consulting Group as VP of Strategic Services

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (October 11, 2016) — Aeritae Consulting Group announced today that technology innovation leader Stacey Fournier-Thibodaux will join as Vice President of Strategic Services to lead and grow Aeritae’s strategy practice, helping to align existing capabilities with new offerings and integrate services to deliver a fully cohesive approach to clients.

“Joining Aeritae offers an incredible opportunity to both exercise my passion for service strategy and design while also exploring how that impacts and is impacted by overall technology strategy considerations,” said Fournier-Thibodaux. “I am excited to help our clients, both IT and business teams, maximize their return on the ServiceNow platform.”

With nearly twenty years of experience innovating as an IT leader, Fournier-Thibodaux has focused on helping business and IT teams rebuild relationships and come together on efficient solutions enabled by technology that solve for shared goals. Most recently, she led global service strategy and delivery functions for a major Fortune 250 company where she leveraged the ServiceNow platform to implement business and IT solutions to great success.

“We are thrilled that Stacey has decided to join the Aeritae senior leadership team,” said Allen Debes, Aeritae EVP of Consulting Delivery and Business Operations. “Stacey will accelerate service innovation thought leadership for our clients and enable our outstanding consultants to do even more great work for our clients locally, regionally and nationally.”

Aeritae Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Finlon also spoke to the complementary strengths brought by Fournier-Thibodaux. “Stacey has led what is inarguably the most successful effort to utilize the ServiceNow platform for enterprise in our market and is well-equipped to help our clients solve for the big challenges facing technology teams today. We’re glad to have Stacey join as our head of Strategic Services. I know she’s looking forward to bringing her leadership, experience and subject matter expertise to bear in helping support clients on their ServiceNow journeys.”

Aeritae Consulting Goes Wide and Deep with ServiceNow Investment

Leading Twin Cities ServiceNow Partner Embraces the “ServiceNow Enterprise Platform” through Regional Sales Expansion, Strategic Hires and Internal Usage of ServiceNow

Minneapolis, MN — Aeritae Consulting Group has announced full commitment to the ServiceNow enterprise platform. A ServiceNow Preferred Partner since 2014, Aeritae has long seen value in the platform and is the leading implementation partner in the Twin Cities. Recent regional sales expansion, strategic leadership hires and proprietary licensing of ServiceNow position the company to make a further play in the ServiceNow market.

In partnership with ServiceNow, Aeritae is expanding its offerings beyond the Twin Cities to more fully serve the Midwest region. Dedicated account executives, Martin Hamilton and recent addition Craig Prange will focus on serving accounts throughout the Midwest, including the Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, Des Moines, and Omaha areas.

In addition, Aeritae has made several strategic leadership hires, increasing the strength and alignment of their ServiceNow practice. Allen Debes and Sarah Chairpairini join the team as respective Executive Vice President of Delivery and ServiceNow Platform Director. Debes brings deep value with prior experience in executive consulting and IT leadership, most recently as VP of National Consulting Services at juggernaut Magnet 360, leading delivery in Magnet’s major growth initiative leveraging the Salesforce platform. Sarah Chairpairini brings over 10 years of experience leading ServiceNow initiatives and projects and offers both strategic and technical expertise.

Additionally, Aeritae recently purchased a proprietary license of ServiceNow and plans to fully commit internal operations to the platform as well as building out more proprietary ServiceNow offerings for clients.

Aeritae CEO, Michael Finlon, spoke to the strategy behind recent changes, “We believe the future of IT, as well as other internal functions such as HR, Facilities and Finance, is as a service organization designed to support the goals of the business. We see the ServiceNow platform as absolutely critical to enabling that future.”