London Release: Are You Upgrade Ready?

Considering upgrading to the recently released London version of ServiceNow?

We’ll be putting out a series of posts highlighting what you need to do to ensure you’re following best practices when preparing to upgrade, best practices while upgrading and how to maintain post-upgrade.

To kick off the series, Aeritae Solutions Consultant and ServiceNow expert, Richard Castillo shares seven considerations to ensure you’re upgrade ready.


Define specific goals for the upgrade. What benefits are stakeholders and users going to receive with the new release? Are there new features and functionality that will empower users? Are there existing issues that are resolved with the new release?


Get buy-in from key stakeholders and champions. It’s important to involve your stakeholders early on so they can help spread the word and provide support.


Plan broader organizational change management and communication activities. How will users be impacted? Why should they care? What are the important things they need to be aware of?


Perform an analysis on your existing system and, at a high level, pinpoint potential problem areas that may require significant effort to remediate or may require training. Ensure appropriate resources are available to tackle these challenges.

Identify Resources. It’s crucial to ensure you have the correct resources lined up from the Development team, Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testers. You want to be prepared to test as soon as the upgrade is pushed.

Plan. Make sure that you have everything documented within your plan including a code freeze, upgrade and test schedules. The plan should be communicated to anyone who is involved including stakeholders.

Manage the upgrade with Agile/Scrum and Test Management applications. Create test cases, create defects and enhancements, and run sprints. It’s also important to reserve capacity for the warranty period after upgrade to production.

Considering an upgrade to London? Aeritae can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Chris Richter

VP, ServiceNow Engineering & Platform Services, AERITAE