Lock-Step at K18: Why Aeritae Will Never Be a Niche Shop


By: Michael Finlon, Aeritae CEO & Visionary

More than 18,000 people attended ServiceNow’s Knowledge18 conference earlier this month–that’s 5,000 more than last year. With such rapid growth and increasing market domination, ServiceNow is truly becoming an industry on to itself.

As a Silver ServiceNow partner (and Silver sponsor of K18), we’ve noticed that many of our counterparts in the ServiceNow ecosystem have either sprung up to support one specialized area of the platform, or cut away aspects of their business to evolve toward a niche, one function shop. Many seem to believe this is the only way to compete with the massive, global service partners.

Personally, I believe there’s a better way. And what we saw from ServiceNow at K18 only confirms my confidence in our alignment with the platform. Why? Three reasons:

1) Digital Transformation requires cross-functional workflows.

Clean process and strong solution architecture transcends job function–period. Understanding what translates (and what doesn’t) enables us to successfully solve for enterprise-level digital transformation. Not to mention, straightening the spaghetti is one of Aeritae’s specialties.

We saw alignment at K18 on this as ServiceNow doubled-down on their vision for the next evolution of the platform, heavily emphasizing that the “Now Platform” works for all functions. Automated workflow is no longer the sole property of IT. It’s a platform with the potential to extend across an organization, enabling great employee and customer experiences.

2) Agility to innovate is a prerequisite for success.

At K18, we also saw ServiceNow reaffirm their committment to customer success. In branding, sessions, and the new “Customer Success Center” (by far the coolest area of the ExpoNow hall), ServiceNow shifted focus toward a holistic vision of enterprise success. Some of the key factors in realizing customer success as named by ServiceNow:

  • Clearly defined business goals
  • Executive sponsor engagement
  • Phased implementation approach
  • Governance model
  • Experienced and knowledgeable resources
  • Training plans for customer
  • Organizational Change Management

We whole-heartedly agree. Sustainable solutions must start with truly listening to the client and understanding unique goals and challenges, but critical success factors like a clear roadmap, training and OCM are non-negoitibles and as such are baked into every one of our engagements. Because, let’s face it, whether you’re behind the wheel of a race car or just a high performance mini-van, you still want mirrors and a seat belt.

This is also one of the reasons we created our Aeritae Edge subscription offering. Through Aeritae Edge, clients access to the full Service Innovation stack, equipping them to focus on both strategic efforts and still have the freedom to capitalize when lightning strikes. (We challenge that our model is different from anything else on the market–and our subscription clients are seeing incredible success engaging this way.)

3) Diversity makes us stronger.

Finally, ServiceNow’s complete overhaul of their branding made it clear–the company is committed to a platform that works for all kinds of people.

Although we bring years (and years) of experience providing strategic guidance and implementing for IT Service Management, we have intentionally evolved our team to better serve a diverse range of clients–both in and outside of IT.

We believe that this ability to drive customer success across function, along with our diversity of services, is one of our greatest strengths as a Service Innovation partner, and opens up new perspectives that lead to more creative, truly innovative uses of the platform.

Three years ago, Aeritae made the very intentional decision to commit exclusively to ServiceNow as the best in market enterprise platform we recommended for our clients. We are proud of this decision. ServiceNow continues to lead the market and we continue to lead the pack of ServiceNow partners.

Reach out to learn more about how we can help you realize the promise of this powerful platform.

Michael Finlon

CEO & Visionary, AERITAE