Executive Leadership Team

STRENGTHS: Strategic, Ideation, Relator, Achiever, Developer

Michael is making a difference by creating and growing a company where people can flourish and become the best version of themselves. This is done with intention by creating a culture where people’s strengths are recognized and honored, allowing them to be authentic. We encourage everyone to grow and apply their strengths, so they can find passion and energy in their work. The intent being that this passion and energy will carry over to their homes, communities and personal relationships, as well as to our clients.

Michael believes in giving and helping others and being part of his local community. He has worked extensively with youth groups, chaperoning youth service trips and helping establish a local food shelf and family resource center in Eagan.

Michael enjoys spending time outdoors, some of his favorite activities include fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, hiking and recently photography. He even enjoys spending time doing the traditional out door chores. Michael finds that being out in nature is one of the best ways to revitalize himself – especially if it involves hands on work with nature. He has never been afraid to get his hands dirty or to work up a good sweat.

STRENGTHS: Connectedness, Adaptability, Strategic, Individualization, Empathy

Linda joined the Aeritae team in 2012 as the Director of Strengths-Based Organizational Culture. She employs her expertise and emotional intelligence to create safe spaces to have strategic conversations that foster community, promote leadership identification, and build meaningful teams. Linda spent 15 years in higher education administration in private universities in Minnesota and California. She began her consultancy in 2008, and brings to the table national and international experience in StrengthsFinder™ applications, team building, talent management, change management and adaptive leadership principles. Linda has a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies. In 2009, she joyfully married Brian, president of Leadership Vision Consulting. In addition to consulting together, they are proud parents to a teen daughter and travel the world finding life from Europe to Southeast Asia.

Linda battled breast cancer in 2011 and won. She entered 2012 cancer free, with a passion to live a full, meaningful and generative life. To Aeritae, she brings a desire for individuals to flourish, teams to excel and the company to thrive through the continued cultivation of a positive organizational culture.

STRENGTHS: Positivity, Communication, Woo, Strategic, Maximizer

As head of Delivery at Aeritae, Stacey leads a team of elite Service Innovation consultants helping clients achieve their goals through optimized performance, improved operations, and innovative new service solutions.

With nearly twenty years of experience innovating as an IT leader, Stacey has focused on helping business and IT teams rebuild relationships and come together on efficient solutions enabled by technology that solve for shared goals. Prior to Aeritae, she led global service strategy and delivery functions for a major Fortune 250 company where she leveraged the ServiceNow platform to implement business and IT solutions to great success.

STRENGTHS: Developer, Empathy, Connectedness, Strategic, Ideation

Elysia oversees all aspects of Aeritae Marketing, including strategy, brand development, lead generation, partner marketing and creative direction. Prior to joining Aeritae in 2015, Elysia served as an independant Marketing consultant and freelance writer working with small and mid-sized businesses from a range of industries.

STRENGTHS: Belief, Connectedness, Context, Responsibility, Restorative