I Didn’t Want to Have to Call in the First Place…

Let’s face it, if a customer reaches out to speak to your organization, more times than not, they have an issue. Oh, sure, there’s the rare occasion when a customer just contacts you to let you know what a great product you have or to compliment you on an outstanding service that you have provided (by the way – if you’re staffing a department to take these types of interactions, you may stop reading now…). But, in today’s busy world, those ‘I love you’ reach outs are the exception.

Experience shows that if a customer is using their precious time to pick up a phone, work through a matrix of prompts and then sit through ‘a brief hold’ to talk to you, the experience you’re about to enter into isn’t at its high point. So, how can you take on this ‘Moment of Truth’ to maintain those high NPS and CSAT scores your company has worked so hard to achieve? Manage the experience before your customer articulates it! (These tips may also translate to bottom line savings for your organization, to boot!)

Be Proactive

A failure may have already occurred, but that doesn’t mean you can’t head off frustrated interactions at the pass. Proactive communications are key! Place messages on your company’s portal/website that alert and educate your customers of any known outages – and their resolution path…whether they’ve occurred or when they will. If they’re using the phone channel to reach you, be sure that your customer is greeted immediately with a recording of known issues. These types of messages have proven to reduce phone calls that get through to your agents, meaning bottom line savings to your company…not to mention a quick remedy to your customer’s pain!

Knowledge is Power

Although the use of technology can be very generational, studies show that your customers want to solve issues without human interactions whenever possible. Provide them with information that enables resolution to their questions through articles and attachments on your portal/website or via emails and text messages. Further, building communities where customers can let you know if the information provided was helpful…or even provide additional solutions that haven’t been considered…let your customers know you care about how the information has served them, as well as giving you insights into the work you need to do to improve your content.

Channel Options

Customer: ‘I didn’t want to call you in the first place…’ Meeting customers where they are helps transform the customer experience. Offering channels outside of only phone interactions will give your customer a way to communicate with your brand in a way they are most comfortable. Vehicles from chat, to text, to self service (see previous section, Knowledge is Power) are not only attractive to your customer, but they are dramatically lower in cost to your organization than traditional phone channels.

And, don’t forget to be ‘socially listening’ – data tells us that your customer is far more likely to use one of their social media channels to talk about your brand and any issues they may be having than they are to use your brand’s proprietary options to do the same. And, guess what? Customers assume you’re already listening and that you will respond within a set period of time (and that window of time keeps getting smaller and smaller…)!

“The sincere care you show will capture your customer’s hearts even faster than the speed of your technology.”

You may be saying to yourself, ‘Yeah, these tips would be great IF we had that kind of technology at our company, but we’re not there. I’m taking the call they never wanted to make…’ So, what tactics can you use while your company is going through their own digital transformation (and, even when you’re already there)? Take confidence in the power of greeting your customer in their Moment of Truth with the kind of empathy and gratitude you’d hope for in the same situation.

To learn more about how process, technology and cultural solutions can help transform your Customer’s Experience, reach out to Andrea Pohlman, Director of Enterprise Service Innovation at Aeritae: apohlman@aeritae.com or 612-670-6146. 

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