How We Position ServiceNow: Your Digital Transformation Enablement Engine

“Digital transformation is no longer just a business buzzword—it’s fast becoming an essential business priority for C-suite leaders worldwide.”

 — John Donahoe, ServiceNow Q2 earnings call

We know that CIOs are being asked to help drive digital transformation across the enterprise—and that this imperative has only been moving up the list of priorities as customer and employee populations are increasingly driven by the expectations of digital natives (which, honestly, don’t we all qualify as now? I know I can barely remember life without my iPhone).

The question being asked within IT at the leadership level is now truly, “how broadly can you use ServiceNow to help drive digital transformation?” And that’s a question we’re deeply invested in helping to answer.Aeritae recognized early on the value of ServiceNow’s flexible, modern architecture, single code base and data model, and ability to tie together a jumble of business products and platforms to present seamless, automated workflow.

We knew that (just like strong people and process best practice), the same automated workflow magic that was taking the IT services world by storm, would be relatively easy to adapt to accommodate the diverse processes and business requirements of both large business functions such as HR, as well as the many smaller teams, not accommodated by their own enterprise platforms.

This is at the heart of why, as a small consulting firm, Aeritae has intentionally doubled-down on ServiceNow as a digital transformation enablement engine, building expertise across functions and ServiceNow product lines. No, it’s not an an identity crisis, it’s a strategy aligned to the digital enterprise of the future.

The additional value this creates for us is the unique ability to advise on ServiceNow architecture and roadmapping in a way that enables digital transformation and positions ServiceNow as the engine accelerating that shift, versus building in silos and creating disillusionment as the platform expands.

As businesses continue to digitize as tablestakes, we believe this will increasingly be the arena in which ServiceNow wins or loses to other enterprise platforms. Let’s win together.

Michael Finlon

CEO & Visionary, AERITAE