How Can ServiceNow Improve Your Onboarding Experience?

How Can ServiceNow Improve the Onboarding Experience for New Employees, Hiring Managers, and Your HR Team?

We are working with a customer who wants to streamline their hiring process. The challenge that they face is the large of number of tasks necessary to bring a candidate from the offer process through their first 30 days as a full-fledged employee. Not only do they have to complete these tasks, but much of the work needs to be done in different systems and by different employees across the silos within their organization.

In addition, the organization regularly hires large numbers of employees at a single point in time for internships and large projects. With this realization, they quickly became aware that manual checklists, emailing, and swivel-chairing to get new hires on board simply doesn’t scale. Fortunately, there is a better way. 

ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions Application

ServiceNow’s Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions Application helps reduce the complexity of the hiring process by creating repeatable processes for new hires and putting them into a single place. Imagine having a single tool which can take a new hire from offer letter acceptance and background checks all the way to communication leading up to their first day.

This web-based tool is a secure way to provide all of the documentation and communication required when onboarding a new hire. Once a new candidate accepts, the process kicks off and tasks like IT equipment procurement, account provisioning, office set up, and work assignment details are systematized and tracked.

Systems Working Together

ServiceNow’s Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions application also works seamlessly with ServiceNow’s existing HR functions like Employee Service Center and HR Case management right out of the box. This means, that after their start date, tasks like payroll, benefits enrollment, policy acknowledgement, mandatory training, and I9 verification can all be tracked and coordinated through ServiceNow.

How Aeritae Can Help.

Aeritae offers the technical and functional expertise to integrate ServiceNow HR functions with other pieces of your enterprise software. Best of all, we provide the training and organizational change management to improve adoption and make projects successful. It’s part of our commitment to help organizations adapt, transform, and grow.

Are you ready to streamline your process and save some time? Contact us to learn how you can be the most efficient version of yourself.

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