Four Critical Questions To Ask Yourself When Building A Service Catalog

What are your “Top 5” Service Catalog Items? Where do I start with my Service Catalog? These are common questions ServiceNow users themselves when starting a Service Request Catalog. It can be an overwhelming initiative, so we we’ve compiled a few things to keep in mind that may help steer you in the right direction.
Start simple and design your catalog with the end user in mind.

You can begin by determining the services or processes that are most frequently requested within your organization. Then ask yourself if they are repeatable, and would they be relatively simple to design (e.g. email account setup, system account access, phone requests, product enhancement requests, laptop orders). If you have an existing request system, you can perform some quick reporting or data gathering to identify these Items. Starting with these quick wins will help you realize the value of the Service Catalog faster and help you define a repeatable process and framework for adding new Items to the Catalog.


Identifying Service Owners for Catalog Items is also critical to ensure success.

Especially for Items whose workflows that cross teams or functional areas. One person needs to be responsible for ensuring the Item is defined and managed properly, such as measuring and monitoring SLA/OLA’s.


Leave complex and less often used services for later.

Even complex items like Onboarding are a great example of how you can leverage the smaller (more simple) items with an Order Guide into a larger item to enable your team members to realize ServiceNow’s ease of use.


Create a plan or roadmap for building your Service Catalog.

Plan to see how it fits within your overall ServiceNow platform and self-service strategy including your Service Portal and Knowledge, such as providing a “one-stop shop” for your team members. Defining governance will also help you set expectations with Service Owners on what belongs in the Service Catalog (hint, not everything does).


Building and designing a Service Catalog is an exciting time for your organization! Arming yourself with the right information and tools can help you confidently push it out to your teams in an efficient and well-thought manner. Let us know if you want to chat more about your Service Catalog strategy. We’d love to help!

Chris Richter

VP, ServiceNow Engineering & Platform Services, AERITAE