CCW Week: Mind. Blown.


I’m not sure what I expected from my time at CCW (Customer Contact Week), but what I can say is that any unarticulated expectations were exceeded…big time. But, why? I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it and wanted to share some thoughts, because the Customer Service – EXPERIENCE – Revolution is real and it’s in full swing.

Here are just some of the highlights that have stayed with me from the event and have reignited my imagination:

I Found My People 

Fresh off of ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2018 event, my mind was spinning on all things ServiceNow, with my particular focus being on the Customer Service Management or CSM offering. But, as you all know, Knowledge isn’t only about CSM.

So, imagine the chills I got walking into the CCW conference to a group of like-minded professionals from across industries (you name it: Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, High Tech….) and functions (Marketing, Service / Support, Operations, Customer Experience…) coming together to talk about the curated customer experience! It was too good to be true for this passionate practitioner.

The energy from this diverse group who had come together with the focus of how to deliver exceptional customer experience was palpable…and everyone couldn’t wait to share and learn from each other without competition. It was beautiful.

The Future is NOW

My first experience at the event was a Forrester Research session around ‘How to Assess Your Customer Service Maturity’, hosted by ServiceNow. The time was spent well through an interactive ‘open space’ session with a break-out into Strategy, Process, Technology, and Organization pods. Concepts around the customer: expectations, experience and journeys were top of mind. But, perhaps the most compelling part of this session came from Nitin Badjatia when he flashed the quote ‘The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed’ (William Gibson).

The thinking around seeing the future now in front of us (not a stretch with art of the possible demos as far as the eye could see!), but having to walk back into our lives and deal with the present…  I couldn’t (can’t!) stop thinking about how we can and will help our customers fill the gaps between their present and their futures in ways they have never imagined through Aeritae’s intentionally innovative approach to service solutions. Chills, my friends…chills!

Your Customer Exception Center

I was exposed to what I consider to be new thinking around what a customer support center is and could/should be in the throes of digital transformation…when I heard the words ‘Exception Center’. Whoa…wait just a minute…Exception Center? Imagine a world in which customers didn’t have to reach out for support…but organizations instead already knew about their customer’s experience even before the customer could articulate it. And, ‘issues’ were solved so proactively, that it was the exception for a customer to have to talk to someone.

Digital transformation is here, my friends…and companies like Amazon are setting the bar high. The challenge before us one that is both daunting and exciting. The possibilities are limitless.

So, how do I boil this down? I guess I’ll ‘humanize’ my experience be saying that I met good people working hard to deliver good experiences for other people. I am inspired by these heroes that stand up as their company’s Brand Ambassadors and deliver experiences that are transforming their customers’ lives.

I am leaving CCW incredibly motivated to help my customers bring a holistic, innovative approach to making a difference…and I can’t wait to be a part of helping to drive the Customer Experience Revolution forward.


Aeritae Consulting