9 Steps to Meet the Service Delivery Challenge of Covid-19

Covid-19 has turned business-as-usual upside down with companies attempting to keep their entire workforce working productively from home. Many Service teams are now facing 3X call volumes—and 2 hour+ wait times for an already underwater Service Desk.

But it’s not too late to supercharge your Service Delivery function by driving fast solutions for your end users that in turn, free up your Service Desk team to address complex issues.

Here are some immediate steps you can take to meet current demand, shore up service times, and deliver better results:

9 Steps to Supercharge Service Delivery:

  1. Focus on your most common requests and issues. Work across IT teams to increase the speed and efficiency of request fulfillment and eliminate issues quickly.
  2. Do no harm. Prioritize production stability. Carefully review any changes that could reduce stability and usability. This could include a short-term shift in your Change Management process.
  3. Give people the ability to help themselves. Re-route to self-service wherever possible. If you don’t already have self-service options, consider standing up a light-weight emergency Service Portal. Just start, don’t wait for perfection or try to boil the ocean right now.
  4. Over-communicate. Set employee expectations for frequent and comprehensive communication. Explain how, where and when information will be shared (best practice rely on your Service Portal!) Follow through and exceed expectations.
  5. Add Mobile capability to decrease the barrier of self-service. Give employees the ability to get quick service through a mobile application to increase critical efficiency–especially if you’re supporting essential employees.
  6. Drive employees to Knowledge first. Create additional FAQ Knowledge articles as needed and get them in front of employees. Articles should be clear, concise and written in a way that end users can understand.
  7. Lean on Your Service Catalog. For common requests, offer up Service Catalog items that are intuitive, high-demand and ideally, backed by automation.
  8. Develop a scorecard. Leverage data to baseline and improve, make intentional decisions and get the business support you need.
  9. Don’t go it alone. Review your action plan with advisors and think about how high-priority quick win fit within your strategic plan.

Our team of seasoned service delivery experts can help. Request a free consultation with one of our experts to review your current challenges and receive a tailored set of quick win recommendations to safeguard and supercharge your service delivery.

Stacey Fournier-Thibodaux

VP Enterprise Strategy and Solutions, AERITAE