Aeritae Edge Subscription Services

Introducing a better ServiceNow Experience

Aeritae Edge is a subscription-based service designed to address immediate and ongoing ServiceNow management needs. By working with a roadmap and aligning the right resources to your requirements, we help you quickly and effectively eliminate your backlog while still maintaining full control of your solution.

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Smart Roadmaps

Every Aeritae Edge engagement starts with the creation of a Smart ServiceNow Roadmap. This practical tool helps prioritize backlogs and provide immediate direction so you can start seeing results from day one.


Delivery Lead

The Aeritae Edge Delivery Lead acts as a strategic ServiceNow advisor helping to map out future projects and communicate value back to the organization, as well as a day-to-day point of contact providing pin drop insight into current state ServiceNow projects and capabilities.


Team of Talent

When you subscribe to Aeritae Edge, you get a highly flexible team. Whether you’re working on agile, service management, business process or anything in between, you will receive access to experts who have the experience to help.