AERITAE Pocket Guide: Leveling Up Your AppDynamics Solution

The power of AppDynamics is game-changing. This solution provides best-in-class, real-time APM. And now has the added ability to connect app performance directly to business outcomes. Companies who have invested are seeing a market lead that’s widening daily.

But like any truly powerful platform, the secret to achieving next-level results lies in getting the supporting configuration and process right.

The good news: you can take the value of your AppDynamics implementation to the next level quickly and easily.

In fact, we think you can achieve next level results in just 5 days.

Ready for lift-off? Download our pocket guide to leveling up your AppDynamics solution in just 5 days.

Don’t have the time or resources to complete the 5-day program? Aeritae can help. Our performance and process experts are ready to step-in and complete the 5 day program for you on-site with minimal lead time.

Don’t wait. Start realizing the full value of your AppDynamics solution today.

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When we think about Customer Service Management (CSM), self-service is a game-changing innovation for the customer. The service empowers them to solve many of their straightforward issues quickly and easily without ever having to interact with Customer Service representatives.

However, this translates to the front lines of customer care centers to field far more complex issues…issues that representatives are not prepared to address. This shift is forcing organizations to rethink how they staff that initial contact with the customer with diverse, elevated competencies in order to provide a flawless experience to their clients out of the gate.

This article is a great exploration of how organizations will have to look at CSM talent in the future!

Harvard Business Review: "Kick-Ass Customer Service"

Customer Service Management Breakfast (07/20/17) Slides

Download slides from our 07/20/17 Customer Service Management Breakfast. Content includes:

  • The Team Sport of Delivering Customer Service on the Digital Platform
    Abhijit Mitra, General Manager of Customer Service Management, ServiceNow
  • Optum Case Study: Enterprise Issue Management Overview
    Dave Barry, Senior Director of Process Improvement, Optum
  • Aeritae Service Management Point of View
    Allen Debes, EVP of Delivery and Business Operations, Aeritae