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Company Highlights

Aeritae Consulting Group is a management consulting and solution delivery firm providing practical recommendations and solutions for your IT and business teams.   We are knowledgeable and provide guidance and recommendations for complex technology selections and implementations. We combine our applied practices with a personal experience to provide your organization with the best possible outcome. By paying attention to cultural development, Aeritae has been recognized by  The MSP Business Journal as a “Fast 50” growth firm and by Upsize Magazine earning its culture & Values Award for building a values-driven culture within a virtual working environment.

Our mission is simple—we help IT organizations design, deliver, scale and improve their services to the business they work with.  Aeritae has been successful because we provide quality, scaleable solutions and transfer the gained knowledge to enable your organization to support the solution.  We have based our delivery approach upon our prior successes in a wide range of industries and business sectors.  This success has helped us to firm up a core offering of services that can bring the clarity and progression your IT department’s culture, helping to push forward the things your business needs to stay competitive in today’s ever changing business environment.


Foundation.  Our foundational offering consists of a broad spectrum of solutions that will enable your organization to better assess the efficiency and scaleability of your exiting IT processes, and help to identify where there are growth opportunities within the frame work of these processes.  We can also offer support in the areas of information risk management, contingency planning and solution development.

ServiceNow.  As a vendor partner to ServiceNow, Aeritae can help you implement processes and solutions that drive your mission critical business initiatives forward.  We have knowledgeable consultants who can provide in depth guidance and support when and where your organization needs it.  From custom development to organizational reediness assessments, we can help you get to where you need to be.

Leadership and organizational services. Our L&O service line extends from corporate training and team building, to improving the leadership qualities within each individual. This is not a one-size-fits all approach, and we’ll work with you or or company to provide a customized assessment and training resources.